Dinner with Matt (No more 411)

Tonight Matt and I went to Fate which serves fantastic asian cuisine. They’re located at: 905 N 4th St Phoenix, 85004 Here’s their phone # 602-254-6424 They’re open till 10:00pm on weeknights and 12:00am on weekends.. I got their contact information via Google SMS.. Just send a text message to GOOGL (46645). To get Fate’s … [Read more…]

Hey Ya Cover!

Great cover of Hey Ya on YouTube! Matt Weddle does a great job on this song… his band is called obadiahparker. Just in case you haven’t heard the original Hey Ya Original on YouTube!

The Nintendo Wii is coming !!!

Guys, this is really cool… Check it out !!! The Nintendo Wii is coming on 11/19… here are some samples of its revolutionary gaming experience… Advertising How to use the Wii Controller Experience Father and son play Baseball Japanese couple play Golf Costs $250.00Get notified about the Wii on Amazon.com More info…(wii.com)

Go Get em’ Tiger!

My girlfriend just told to me to “Go Get ’em Tiger…!”… That phrase irks me for some strange reason… probably because I’ve never played golf very well… Let’s see what google images thinks…. Just as I thought…. blatant sarcasm.. Are you mocking me ?? are you? ************** UPDATE! 11/12/06 As a result of the recent … [Read more…]