Use Your Arm as Bait!

The Sport of Noodling

I just watched “Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe”  This episode showcased “Noodling” which is sport fishing with the hands.  It’s practiced in 4 states in the US (LA, MS, OK, and TN)… It’s pretty simple…

  1. Go to one of the four states where Noodling is practiced
  2. Find a River/Lake
  3. Stick your hand in a hole
  4. Let a GIANT catfish bite your hand
  5. Pull it out of the water

National Geographic showcases Noodling
Wikipedia Definition of Noodling
Pete’s Bait and Tackle Noodling Article *** Great Pictures!!
There’s even a Movie!


22 Ways to Overclock Your Brain

I just read the post “22 Ways to Overclock Your Brain“. I especially liked # 15 and 22.

More interesting Research found here offers a regimen to follow:

1) Increase distilled water consumption to one gallon per day

2) Stop drinking any other liquids

3) Eliminate dairy products

4) Increase high fiber foods

5) Get some sun 20-30 minutes per day at minimum with as much skin exposed as is safe. Do not use sun blocks. Start with small amounts of time if you are in a hot sun area.

6) Get mild exercise. Start with 10 minutes of walking and build additional minutes each day until you can walk for 60 minutes.

After as little as 15 days you will experience improvement.

How to Safely Swim with Piranhas

I read an interesting article today… How to Safely Swim with Piranhas

Simply put, here’s what not to do:

  1. Go to South America during the dry season
  2. Visit a slow moving stream during the day
  3. Cut yourself, or find a bloody carcass to tie around your waist
  4. Jump out of your boat into the water and make a big fuss


Piranhas are dangerous creatures and should be expected to devour your flesh.

Be afraid, be very afraid.