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Early to Bed – Early to Rise July 22, 2007

Posted by Sean in : Rant! , trackback

For some reason, I can’t seem to put this simple principle into practice.  It’s 10:41pm and I was “going to bed early” at 10:00.  I was gonna “check the internet” for a minute– then head to bed.

 I’m more  an example of this phrase: Late to bed – sorta don’t want to get up but have to – draggin ass during the day – swear “I’m gonna go to bed early” – Forget I said that when I get home – Late to bed again….  and the cycle repeats itself.  how cool is that?   ..it’s not. 

All it takes is consistency.

 I’ve been consistently dragging ass.  You’d think by now, I’d be willing to change my behavior?  At least I would’ve thought I would by now.

Rant Rant Rant… no action.



1. Lindze - July 22, 2007

school starts next week. That’s a 9pm bedtime for me. Maybe it’ll be easier for you to follow my lead? Think I’ll be able to make that lead?

2. Not your mother - July 24, 2007

why are you checking computer before bed? bright light before bed like TV and computers alerts the brain for activity, causing a dampening of a need or desire to sleep.

3. Matt Jallo - July 30, 2007

There is only one solution, at least that I am aware of. One can’t force oneself to fall asleep – the harder you try, the more you tend to just stay awake. But one can always force oneself to wake up.

Identify your target awakening time, At. Let’s say At=7:00. Now identify a target retirement time, Rt. Let’s say Rt = 10:00.

When do you actually get in bed and pull the covers up? This is the actual retirement time, Ra. Let’s say Ra=12:00. Subtract Rt from Ra, to derive the discipline factor, Fd. In this case, Fd = 2 hours.

Here’s where your alarm clock comes in. Though you were getting up at 7:00? Think again. Because your actual awakening time, Aa = At – Fd. In this case, you’re getting up at 5:00.

That’s 5 hours of sleep, my friend. And you can bet that day will be a bitch. But you know what, when Rt rolls around, you’re not going to feel much like blogging.

Oh, but, you ask, I must always be at work at a particular time Wt. So wouldn’t this method naturally equalize to that time frame, and yet things are still a problem. I’m glad you asked.

This is where Kp comes in, the punishment coefficient. Everyone’s Kp is different, it will require some experimentation. But start out at 1.10, such that Aa = At – (Kp * Fd).

Kp acts as a corrective force. By utilizing this method, you can maximize the efficiency of your sleep cycle. God-speed my friend.