Pesto & Mushroom Tortellini with Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo

1/2 lb pesto stuffed tortellini cooked together with 1/2 lb Mushroom stuffed tortellini added to “the sauce” “the sauce”  = 3 huge scoops Roasteed Red Pepper Spread (with garlic & eggplant) mixed with 1 jar Trader Joes alfredo sauce.  Salt/pepper/season to taste.. Total Cost: $6ish Actually, none of these are outstanding alone but with their … [Read more…]

I got a Blendtec Blender!!!

  I got the blender from Scott at Costco for $379.00 plus tax.  That’s $20.00 less than the blendtec web site. Blendtec is famous for their “will it blend?” commercials which ask this question for various “non-blendable” products like  golf balls, glow sticks, a tape measure (my favorite) and much much more.  The commercials put founder Tom … [Read more…]