Quote of the Day

I like this one… Let my name stand among those who are willing to bear ridicule and reproach for the truth’s sake, and so earn some right to rejoice when the victory is won. Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888)

Baby Name Trending from 1800’s to Present Day

http://www.babynamewizard.com/voyager This is cool… you can explore name trends for the past 100 years by typing the first letter of the name… OR  you can type a full name and see it’s usage for the last 100 years. Interesting Note:  Elijah had a significant increase in the late 1990’s..  Do you think people were really … [Read more…]

Help Find Elvis Presley!

Thanks goes out to Shawn for letting us know about this exciting opportunity! ElvisWanted.com is offering a $3,000,000 reward for anyone who can find Elvis Presley alive. He was born on January 8, 1935 which would make him 73 at the time of this post.  I’ve done my part to help with the identification by … [Read more…]

Ted Talks – Jill Bolte on the Brain

Jill Bolte Taylor talks about her research on the Human Brain and her personal insights as a result of a stroke she had. Right Hemisphere is concerned with Right Here, Right Now. (Plural) Left Hemisphere is concerned with The Past and the Future. (Individual) When My right arm went limp I realized.. oh my gosh … [Read more…]

Potato Soup in the Blender!

I just finished my first batch of soup in my Blender. I got all of the ingredients from Trader Joe’s: 2 bags of mini potatoes (1 red, 1 white) 1 quart of Vegetable Broth Salt & Pepper to taste I boiled the onion and potatoes then moved them to the blender with some vegetable broth … [Read more…]

Sold!! 2003 ZRX 1200R

I loved this bike, but I was tired of paying insurance and wasn’t riding very often.  Tom (pictured with his new bike) promised he’d keep it in his garage and he looks like he’ll take good care of it.. Have fun Tom!

Cereal for Dinner…

Yesterday was mother’s day. I spent the evening with my mom and brother and we had a great time. We went out to dinner and then to see a comedy show. Dinner was great. We had a modest portion of appetizers and a steak salad, then dessert. Dessert was Banana bread with peanut butter ice … [Read more…]

Pangea Day was HUGE!

Pangea Day Exceeded my expectations.. If you didn’t get a chance to watch Pangea Day online, you can watch all of the films on the Pangea Day Web site Here are some links to my favorite films Dancing Queen (Winner of Nokia Video Phone Contest) Mutual Recognition (Husband and wife share the secret to their … [Read more…]

I just joined Twitter

My friends tell me it’s a slippery slope.. and that I (especially me) should be careful not to get carried away… Here’s a link to my twitter page..  http://twitter.com/s81