Verde Valley Panorama from Mingus Mountain

I took this photo of the Verde Valley from the top of Mingus Mountain on 7/25 as the rain poured in!   (click to enlarge) I used ArcSoft’s Panorama Maker 4 to stitch 3 pictures together, then I used Microsoft’s Picture Manager 2003 to sharpen it up.  When I loaded the panorama software, I learned that … [Read more…]

Volkswagen Carbon Neutral,, the VW Forest, and Clean Diesel and Volkswagen partnered for the VW Carbon Neutral initiative which makes it easy for Volkswagen owners and friends to take action (read as.. pay) toward offsetting their carbon emissions. The contributions of the Carbon Neutral Project will be put toward the re-forestation of the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley, a.k.a. The VW Forest. The following … [Read more…]

AJ Jacobs Speaking at TED

This guy is Great! He talks about his year of living strictly biblically.. sinice he’s not religious his take on this was excellent!!

Facebook Ad – The Real American Dream

I’ve always been impressed by the clarity and punch of Facebook’s tiny ads.  Check this one out… Is this a stock photo?  I wonder if this guy knows he’s the poster child for the Real American Dream.  I’m curious how it got this way… Check out the US Obesity Trends 1985 – 2006. What can … [Read more…]

Red Meat

Oh man.. I remember the days of Red Meat… so, so good..


This is great ! I love naps.


Simplicification – The longest word available in the English language to describe the process of simplifying a task, process, or way of being. More specifically, Simplicification is what happens when the process of simplifying becomes too complicated to be contained by the definition of simplicity. Here’s an example to illustrate: Simplify > Simplicification > Bloat … [Read more…]