The Blue Jeans Experiment…

Today I went shopping at Costco and got a portable hard drive for my media files to free up space on my Laptop for installed programs. The drive is working out great BTW…  While I was there, I browsed the clothing section for Blue Jeans and found some very good buys… 

Lucky Jeans
Lucky Jeans $36.99

Calvin Klein Jeans $24.99
Calvin Klein Jeans $24.99


Kirkland Jeans (Costco Brand) $12.99
Kirkland Jeans (Costco Brand) $12.99



My curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to buy a pair of each and see if the higher priced jeans are worth the extra money.  I suspect the major difference between these, are the cut and stitching etc.. 

My experiment will be to wear and wash each pair equally.. that is, if I wear the Kirkland Jeans for 3 days before washing, I’ll do the same with each other brand. *(readers, don’t worry, I usually only wear jeans 2 days before considering them “dirty”)  

The end of the experiment will be determined by one of the following items:

  • Comfort – A clear distinction in comfort will be the first clencher. 
  • Breakage – Hierarchically speaking, the last jean standing wins!

I also don’t want to obsess too much over this, so I decided not to add any more requirements to this experiment.. Happy experimenting!


UPDATE!!! – 1/20/2008

I just threw all 3 pairs into the wash…!

So far, after the first wearing.. 2x for each pair, and several pairs of shorts later (to explain the last 10 days) I like the Calvin Kleins best, because of the overall fit. I like the Lucky’s second, but they’re a little too baggy, and finally the Kirkland Jeans third because they are far less “crotch friendly” as the others (I know, too much info, but it’s my blog and I can type what I want, so there 🙂 .. )