Poems from Creative Writing in 2006

I took a creative writing class in 2006 .. below are the poems I wrote for the topics of a memory, a list of words, and an object.

Vesta Sue

each breath a broken struggle
holding tight
hungry for the end of a long life lived

what are you waiting for?

we’re all here now
so sad to see you go
we love you
I love you
I love you


Oral Surgery

after the pinch of the needle
I hear a soft voice coming from a cave
at the bottom of a jagged cliff

an emaciated african girl
holding a small wooden bowl
filled with blackberries

she eats them by the handful.
she looks at me and smiles.
blue-black teeth and starry eyes welcome me to my dream.

American Ecstasy

tiny folds at the end of each link
a Ball Park’s belly button
salty, meatish
who cares what’s in it
ten in a package
eight buns per bag

I eat the extras raw

Adolescent Fury at it’s finest…

I’m not sure if this is a prank to get people like me talking but regardless, this is simply amazing.

Wonder where he learned it? scan to 1:38 and listen to mom…
Proof that World of Warcraft corrupts absolutely…
check out 1:10 WTF?! Son, please keep the remote out of your colon.

Strange that at the end he sorta just comes out of it..
like he was in some kind raging blackout.