Sean Hayes OOTO 8/17 – 9/7

Hello Everyone, I will be be out of the office for the next 3 weeks on vacation in Fiji. During this time, I will be online via VPN and checking email as regularly as possible given the extent of my cell coverage.  I’m also making a trip to port vila during which time I’ll be … [Read more…]

Myers Briggs – I’m an ENFP

ENFP with strength of the preferences as percentages Extraverted – 56% Intuitive – 62% Feeling – 12% Perceiving – 44% Descriptions: one, some careers You can take the assessment here

Performance Anxiety

who am I worries torturing my guts; twisting my nuts I can’t go on like this! found my happy place where they love me respectfully in their underwear Gasp Gasp Gasp Not working, shit some urine leaked out Now I’m sweaty and wet forget me and what i’ve got to say I’m making a b … [Read more…]