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Dating is all about Low Weight and High Reps November 11, 2009

Posted by Sean in : Rant! , trackback

Low Weight: 2 people “getting to know each other” and doing so alone in a dark room complicate things unnecessarily. Have fun, be yourself, talk with and and get to know each other.

High Reps: Meet lots of people and don’t let things get heavy. Stop ONLY when you find someone who “does it” for you.

That’s it.. now get to it!


1. LPZ - November 11, 2009

Wow, someone that you like better than yourself?

That’s a big statement… I hope you find them! :) I don’t if many people like anyone else better than themselves these days…

2. LPZ - November 11, 2009

(Anyhow, you’re bound to strike oil, or something less messy – gold – someday soon. I like your theory.)