Sean Hayes OOTO 8/17 – 9/7

Hello Everyone, I will be be out of the office for the next 3 weeks on vacation in Fiji. During this time, I will be online via VPN and checking email as regularly as possible given the extent of my cell coverage.  I’m also making a trip to port vila during which time I’ll be … [Read more…]

Myers Briggs – I’m an ENFP

ENFP with strength of the preferences as percentages Extraverted – 56% Intuitive – 62% Feeling – 12% Perceiving – 44% Descriptions: one, some careers You can take the assessment here

Adolescent Fury at it’s finest…

I’m not sure if this is a prank to get people like me talking but regardless, this is simply amazing. Wonder where he learned it? scan to 1:38 and listen to mom… Proof that World of Warcraft corrupts absolutely… check out 1:10 WTF?! Son, please keep the remote out of your colon. Strange that at … [Read more…]

Bob Schneider of course…

Whenever I have work that requires significant focus I like to loop Mudhouse by Bob Schneider.. I can always bang it out when Bob is blaring! Thank you Bob! What do you like to listen to when it’s crunch time?  Classical? Classic Rock? Death Metal? Folk? Barney?

Geeking out with Google Chrome

Check out all the geeky data you can get with Chrome by pressing Shift+ESC, or by typing About:Memory in the address bar. I like the part about “Stats for Nerds”.  I’m only part nerd, but this was equally good for me.  As you can see, Google also knows what’s up with memory in Firefox, and … [Read more…]

The Blue Jeans Experiment…

Today I went shopping at Costco and got a portable hard drive for my media files to free up space on my Laptop for installed programs. The drive is working out great BTW…  While I was there, I browsed the clothing section for Blue Jeans and found some very good buys…        My curiosity … [Read more…]

Wait! One Thing at a Time…

Today is Sunday August 23rd.  I woke up at 8am, took a shower, and headed into the kitchen.  what happened next is somewhat of a blur.. I’ll do my best to provide a play-by-play. Started Espresso Maker (added water and coffee) Caught a glimpse of the pinto beans I left to soak over night and … [Read more…]

Matt Harding Dances around the World for Stride Gum

You’ve gotta see Matt Harding the dancing guy dance with people from around the world.. His original dancing video prompted Stride Gum to sponsor 2 trips around the world.. The first one was dancing in various awesome places, but the one below is much better.. check it out! 🙂

Alternative Fuel Methodology from MIT CANES

Check out this Alternative Fuels Article from MIT… In conclusion, it is found that the concept of alternative liquid fuels produced from nuclear hydrogen and captured carbon dioxide is viable. There is abundant CO2 for use and the hydrogen can be produced with proven technology. There is also evidence that nuclear power can be utilized … [Read more…]