Don’t Delay – Blog on Procrastination

Listening to NPR the other day.. I stumbled upon a discussion about procrastination and various coping mechanisms…  Timothy A. Pychyl was part of the discussion.. I just checked out his blog and I’m impressed! Blog: Don’t Delay – Understanding procrastination and how to achieve our goals. Lots of great stuff to read.. .especically if you’re … [Read more…]

Baby Name Trending from 1800’s to Present Day This is cool… you can explore name trends for the past 100 years by typing the first letter of the name… OR  you can type a full name and see it’s usage for the last 100 years. Interesting Note:  Elijah had a significant increase in the late 1990’s..  Do you think people were really … [Read more…]

Pangea Day was HUGE!

Pangea Day Exceeded my expectations.. If you didn’t get a chance to watch Pangea Day online, you can watch all of the films on the Pangea Day Web site Here are some links to my favorite films Dancing Queen (Winner of Nokia Video Phone Contest) Mutual Recognition (Husband and wife share the secret to their … [Read more…]

New Service: MSGME.COM

I found a new service called MSGME.COM which allows people or businesses to provide dynamic content via Text Messages (SMS Messages)   How it works:  Go to: Create a free account Register up to 3 keywords choose what happens when people text those keywords Standard Reply Subscription dynamic content Polls When People Reply, you can … [Read more…]

Simpsonize Yourself

You’re looking at the Simpsonized version of me at 26 (current age) \AND my age progression 70 years from now.

The Paradox of Our Times

My mom sent me a Powerpoint the other day and I just watched it… It was touching and unique so I decided to post it. The Paradox of Our Times A thought provoking look at different aspects of our society and other interesting statements like “we have fast food and slow digestion” Check it out…