The Blue Jeans Experiment…

Today I went shopping at Costco and got a portable hard drive for my media files to free up space on my Laptop for installed programs. The drive is working out great BTW…  While I was there, I browsed the clothing section for Blue Jeans and found some very good buys…        My curiosity … [Read more…]

Cereal for Dinner…

Yesterday was mother’s day. I spent the evening with my mom and brother and we had a great time. We went out to dinner and then to see a comedy show. Dinner was great. We had a modest portion of appetizers and a steak salad, then dessert. Dessert was Banana bread with peanut butter ice … [Read more…]

Tired of Crappy Wireless Service?

Check out Voce.  For $200.00 per month, you get unlimited Calling, Texting, 411 and a Personal Assistant… Not only is Voce a great wireless carrier, you can replace your handset every 12 months at no cost.

Online Photo Filer

Go Daddy released a new product called Online Photo Filer.  I’m using it to host the pics from my new camera it’s a Kodak Easy Share v803 Zoom..   So far I like it… it’s easy to use and takes a good picture..  8 megapixel images are 2+ megabytes and build images which are HUGE  Click … [Read more…]

Check out the UPS Whiteboard

Maybe you’ve seen the UPS commercials where the guy draws pictures and promotes UPS services… Well,  UPS built a site to compliment these commercials and it’s super cool!   You can even have the UPS guy write a message on the whiteboard and send it to your friends… ! Check out the message I wrote… !

My Nintendo Wii

I’ve had it out of the box for 3 hours.  the first ten minutes were spent assembling it.  there’s a 12 inch sensor bar used to detect the wii-mote as I move it about the room.  I mounted mine on the top of my TV… it’s almost invisible and it works great… there’s NO latency … [Read more…]

Norah Jones New Album

Norah Jones’s new album entitled “Not too late” is due in stores on January 30th. Borders sent me a sample song entitled “Thinking about you”.  I think it’s great.  You can download it here: Norah Jones Thinking About You