Performance Anxiety

who am I worries
torturing my guts; twisting my nuts
I can’t go on like this!

found my happy place
where they love me
respectfully in their underwear

Gasp Gasp Gasp
Not working, shit
some urine leaked out
Now I’m sweaty and wet

forget me and what i’ve got to say
I’m making a b line for the end of this day

but first i’ve got something important to do
I’ve got to say what I’ve got to say to you

It doesn’t matter if I’m sweaty and sick,
I’m gonna get through it through the thick of it.

Poems from Creative Writing in 2006

I took a creative writing class in 2006 .. below are the poems I wrote for the topics of a memory, a list of words, and an object.

Vesta Sue

each breath a broken struggle
holding tight
hungry for the end of a long life lived

what are you waiting for?

we’re all here now
so sad to see you go
we love you
I love you
I love you


Oral Surgery

after the pinch of the needle
I hear a soft voice coming from a cave
at the bottom of a jagged cliff

an emaciated african girl
holding a small wooden bowl
filled with blackberries

she eats them by the handful.
she looks at me and smiles.
blue-black teeth and starry eyes welcome me to my dream.

American Ecstasy

tiny folds at the end of each link
a Ball Park’s belly button
salty, meatish
who cares what’s in it
ten in a package
eight buns per bag

I eat the extras raw