AJ Jacobs Speaking at TED

This guy is Great! He talks about his year of living strictly biblically.. sinice he’s not religious his take on this was excellent!! http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/a_j_jacobs_year_of_living_biblically.html

Ted Talks – Jill Bolte on the Brain

Jill Bolte Taylor talks about her research on the Human Brain and her personal insights as a result of a stroke she had. Right Hemisphere is concerned with Right Here, Right Now. (Plural) Left Hemisphere is concerned with The Past and the Future. (Individual) When My right arm went limp I realized.. oh my gosh … [Read more…]

Pangea Day was HUGE!

Pangea Day Exceeded my expectations.. If you didn’t get a chance to watch Pangea Day online, you can watch all of the films on the Pangea Day Web site Here are some links to my favorite films Dancing Queen (Winner of Nokia Video Phone Contest) Mutual Recognition (Husband and wife share the secret to their … [Read more…]