The Stole of Gratitude!

I was blown away when Cody presented me with his Stole..

The Stole of Gratitude offers an opportunity to say, “Thanks for helping me make it through.” “Thanks for making it possible for me to succeed.” “I didn’t do this alone.” the Stole of Gratitude is worn during the commencement ceremony. After the ceremony, the new graduate presents the Stole of Gratitude to someone who provided extraordinary help or support, i.e., parents, relatives, or mentors who have helped with wisdom, words of support or with financial assistance. Immediately after graduation, the graduate may take the stole from around his/her neck and place it around the neck of the recipient.

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  1. Richard

    It seems to me in perfect harmony Cody would present you with his stole. I can think of no better brother!
    Please give him my congratulations!
    All Love and Light . . .Richard.

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