Grains Grapes & Grounds

Grains Grapes & Grounds in Ogden UtahI’m sitting at the top of the stairs at Grains Grapes & Grounds in Ogden Utah.  This store is really cool.  It’s warm friendly atmosphere and unique gifts make it more than just another beer & wine homebrewing supply store.  The store is made up of three sections, coffees and coffee supplies, teas and tea supplies, and beer and wine making supplies. 

Coffees and Coffee Supplies

The coffee section includes several varieties of roasted whole bean coffees as well as green coffee beans.  The green coffee beans stay fresh for as long as 2 years but need to be roasted before they can be ground and brewed.  G3 also has affordable coffee roasters and some sweet coffee brewers.

Teas and Tea Supplies
G3’s tea section offers high quality teas and tea kettles. I really like the cast iron tea kettles.  They’re sturdy and will last a lifetime.  G3 also has an artistic flowering tea which blossoms when you immerse it in hot water.  Each blossom can be brewed up to 3 times.

What people are saying about G3
Grains Grapes and Grounds opened nearly three months ago and has been getting a great response from walkers by.  Even as I sit here, the people who walk in are excited to discover the store and it’s unique gifts.  One couple said “We’re really glad you guys are here, that’s great!… Our last supply store wasn’t nearly as clean or as organized as you are, this is really nice!” Another customer said “I hate coming in here because I want everything!”.  Heath really knows his stuff.  After giving some advice about bitter beer a customer said “I know a few brewers who’d really like to know your name.  I’m going to tell them about this place”.

Grains Grapes & Grounds is a sweet store with lots to offer… Check it out the next time you’re in Ogden.

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