My Personalized License Plate

It took a few weeks but it’s finally here!

Yes it’s true, I ordered a personalized license plate. (find your own at Service

You may be thinking Sean, you aren’t the “Personalized Plate” kind of guy…  What gives?

Unfortunately, not all plates are created equal… Below are some types of plates which IMHO give people with personalized plates a bad rap…

  1. Arrogance
    OK Let’s take “DA MAN” as an example… would you feel “silly” getting into “DA MAN’s” Car after being asked to leave your job? humiliating really.
  2. Plates with numeric operators..
    HotGuy1 seriously folks.. If HotGuy isn’t available please respect yourself enough to pick something else.
  3. The plate is only significant to the driver..
    What a silly premise..  If other people don’t get it… what’s the point of putting it on your car? That’s like inventing a new language that only you understand and walking around trying to talk to people.. craazy.

Of course, not all Personalized Plates are BAD.  Some are very clever or even meaningful to a larger audience.

Why I chose to get a personalized plate…

  1. Contribute revenue for our great state.. (additional $75)
  2. Make a statement about the importance of being an Organ Donor.
  3. To see what would happen.
  4. It makes me smile 😀

Archival Methods and Updates

  • I’ve added a new category to the Blog called “License Plate” to track any comments, glares, high fives, or raw eggs etc..
  • I also submitted my plate to (yes, I’m a dork)

Personalized License Plate - Organ Donor.. Get it?

Right on.


  1. Awesome. Your new plate is clever.Vanity plates that drive me the craziest are those that repeat the model of the car, like HUMMR1 or RED VET.

  2. Matt

    Oh wow. People will smile and get a chuckle when they drive behind you. The cost is worth it for how many people’s days you will brighten. Good thinking.

  3. Tiffany

    Took me a second to figure it out. But I like it! 🙂

    so…. does this make my “Deevah” license plate seem pretentious?

  4. MaD HuNGaRIaN

    You forgot my personal peeve type of plate.
    That would be a plate that follows the pattern below:

    An SLK with the plate “MY SLK”  or a Hummer with the plate “MY HUMMR”  and the like.

    Then there’s the ones that are “for” someone:
    “4 BETH” or “4 AMY”

    Or a combination of would be:
    “BOB SLK” or “BILL BMW”

    Or possibly even worse are the ones that are simply the model of car:

    “Q45”: actually spotted in Scottsdale on, of all things, a Q45–how imaginative.

    “AMG SLK”: again, a real plate spotted in Scottsdale. I guess you don’t have to have an imagination to be rich.

    They are far more common than you think, and illustrate what a complete tool the owner is.

  5. I’m so happy that you’ve got another project. Your blender, your license plate and you Wii socks. You’re a busy guy.

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