Cereal for Dinner…

Yesterday was mother’s day. I spent the evening with my mom and brother and we had a great time.


We went out to dinner and then to see a comedy show. Dinner was great. We had a modest portion of appetizers and a steak salad, then dessert. Dessert was Banana bread with peanut butter ice cream and strawberry sauce. By all accounts we had plenty for dinner.

On the way home @ 10:30 (22:30 hours) I stopped for a breakfast burrito from Rolberto’s (sometimes more generally referred to as Omniberto’s) I knew it was more than I ‘needed’, but I ‘wanted’ it.

As I finished the burrito @ 11:00 (23:00 hours) and took a shower. When I got out my friend Matt called and we ended up going to 5 n’ diner for fries and a butterfinger milkshake (which lasted until midnight (24:00).

I realize that I won’t be able to eat like this for much longer and i’m worried it will be difficult to quit cold turkey since I’ve been eating like this for years.


I’m eating a gigantic bowl of Kashi Go Lean mixed with Kellog’s Crackl’n Oat Bran and Post Great Grains Select (fancy).


The protein count for a serving this size is: (drum roll please) ~35 grams… which should be enough to get me through the night.

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