eHarmony..harmony? what?

Is eHarmony losing touch with their singles?  I couldn’t  resist posting these excerpts from a profile I was recently matched with…

The most important thing xxx is looking for in a person is:
Must be genuine, trustworthy, and have strong character. Must love the arts. Must be a non-participant of mainstream/commercial culture as it applies to entertainment. Must be cultured. Must think outside the box. If you listen to top 40’s, trust me – this won’t work. Must be intelligent/intellectual. No, I don’t like sports. Must have utmost respect for women. Must be a naturally chivalrous gentleman, want to proceed with/courtship, and treat me like a lady – i.e. opening doors- including cars, carrying bags, taking us out on fun & romantic dates, picking up all tabs, etc. Must be physically fit. NO EXCEPTIONS.


If the above paragraph isn’t revealing enough, she hits it home with her response to the “something more about me” question…

Some additional information xxx wanted you to know is:
As you can probably already tell – I KNOW WHAT I WANT. I’m strong-minded & intense. Again, I demand the utmost respect. I don’t want any machismo, domineering, controlling, pansy, wimpy, emotionally immature, emotionally unavailable, emotionally instable, or emotionally inept men. Again, I’m old fashioned when it comes to dating and courtship, and will only be treated as a lady. ART LOVERS ONLY!!! NO EXCEPTIONS! Best of luck to all!

I’m floored at this .. floored!

When closing a match, eHarmony asks you to provide a reason…  I usually select one but I just couldn’t resist:

  • I don’t feel that the chemistry is there.
  • I don’t think our Must Haves and Can’t Stands fit.
  • I want to pursue other matches at eharmony.
  • I think the difference in our values is too great.
  • Based on statements in their profile, I’m not interested in this match.
  • Other

shoot me. shoot me shoot me.


  1. KS

    I actually see you as that the person described, but the rub is when someone tells you to be that way…you’re hard head kicks in. 🙂

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