Go Get em’ Tiger!

My girlfriend just told to me to “Go Get ’em Tiger…!”…

That phrase irks me for some strange reason… probably because I’ve never played golf very well…

Let’s see what google images thinks….

Just as I thought…. blatant sarcasm..

Are you mocking me ?? are you?

UPDATE! 11/12/06

As a result of the recent comments, I seek to “embrace the tiger” and to understand the intricacies of encouragement in all of its glory..


Go Get em’ Tiger!


  1. Lindze

    This mother/teacher girlfriend of yours probably just wanted to show some love & support. She probably thinks the world of you and wants you to know how awesome and capable of great things you are. Probably.

  2. neal

    Well, Sean, I searched go get ’em tiger at Google, and, quite unfortunately, my safe search wasn’t turned on so I was blessed enough to see a little man on man action. Thanks so much for that Sean! What a pal.

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