No matter how early I arrive at the airport, the moment I find myself waiting in line at TSA, I begin to develop an anxiety which is inflamed by the queue of people waiting for security clearance, with 2-5 TSA Agents standing around chatting, while a single line is servicing the queue. On the outside I’m smiling and pleasant, and chatting with people around me. On the inside, I’m screaming WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING HERE?! Let’s get this train going, move these people, go, go, go!

In the meantime, my bag is flagged for ‘additional inspection’ but I don’t see anyone taking these on. Any sense of urgency, service, or anything related to ‘work’ is missing from this interaction, so I wait… and I wait… and I wait.. I dare not escalate, because any of that would ensure a longer stent with TSA, so I take deep breaths, help with empty bins, and when the guy grabs my bag, he takes a quick look and sends me on my way. I am saddened by the lack of quality work being done at TSA, and I fear it has outgrown its usefulness.

Some quick evidence of this, people were bringing drugs through security checkpoints, and TSA had NO IDEA:

TSA took tampons and breastmilk from women, but knew nothing of the drugs.